Every family is unique. This is how it should be. Alpha Inclusion provides a service that enables each family to retain its identity whilst feeling comfortable in the community and environment they live in. Having a child with a special educational need can be amazing. It can also at times be tiring and frustrating. Alpha Inclusion offers a number of ways to support the young person, their family and their friends.


Each environment presents challenges. Whether it is the fluorescent lighting of a supermarket that affects the hypersensitivity of a child with ASD, or the overwhelming nature of an activity club for a young person who finds social situations unmanageable. For many children and their families, what might appear to others as everyday tasks, become mountains to negotiate. Alpha Inclusion can work with the young person and their support network to develop strategies that suit them in the environment they find themselves. Addressing concerns and using a problem solving approach will ensure the environments do not become barriers for life.


Being a parent or carer can be a rewarding yet never ending job. It is a role which requires endless resilience, patience and understanding. Alpha Inclusion will be there to help you to continue supporting your child in your way. Whether it is phone support when needed, a face-to-face chat or e-mail contact to ask for advice on particular issues, Alpha Inclusion can help you through the challenging moments in order for you to continue to enjoy the good ones.