“Thanks very much”

Thank you for the amazing work you have done with Eddie for the last term.  Before you came he was lost, we were lost and we were at end of what we could provide for him.  If you hadn’t have come he would’ve definitely been permanently excluded.  Instead he leaves us today in a much more positive way, in a happier place, ready to take on the next challenge.  Things will be hard for him but now he can now have the confidence to  say that he can manage hard things and that is amazing”.    

“Thank you for your continued help and for always being available to help. Having you available early in the day/late in the day and at the end of the phone line has been invaluable.” 

“Absolutely amazing – so practical – so useful – just made my mind buzz with ‘oh yes, let’s do this’. Amy made it so interesting, inspiring, challenging and accessible to just have a go.”  

“I thoroughly enjoyed this training, very informative and thought provoking. Looking forward to applying what I’ve learnt at school.”  

“Really enjoyed these sessions. It gave me a much better insight into Autism in school.”

“The example activities and strategies are very useful. I will try them out on certain children.”  

“You gave us some practical advice which could work with other children and not just children with ASC.”