Alpha Inclusion understands the nature of the pressures on school staff.

The complex challenges that are involved in simultaneously meeting individual needs and whole class objectives are a daily balancing act.

Alpha Inclusion runs solution-focused drop-in clinics for staff. This is a space where professionals can discuss the nature of their classroom and individuals who present particularly frustrating challenges. They will receive immediate feedback and tips to make small adaptations to their practice.

It is not about re-inventing the wheel; it’s about adjusting the settings so it continues to turn effectively.


It is common practice for colleagues working with complex and vulnerable children in health and social care settings to receive regular mentoring sessions. This is typically a confidential one-to-one conversation to discuss issues specific to the staff member. It can be used as a place to ‘offload’ concerns, reflect on practice and develop skills.

Alpha Inclusion is committed to delivering personalised support to professionals in education.

Amy Eleftheriades has been trained by the British Psychological Society to deliver these sessions to staff working in challenging situations; to empower, efficiently develop staff expertise and avoid ‘burn out’ of valuable professionals.