It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Alpha Inclusion and Alpha Communication websites.

People talk about the ‘soft skills’; about communication, teamwork, social and people skills and emotional intelligence.

Here at Alpha Inclusion and Alpha Communication we see them as Essential Skills. Essential for life and essential for successful business.

Imagine you have an idea and want to share it.

A great idea.

The ability to convey your thoughts effectively to others and manage the team and social elements of the subsequent process will increase the chance of your idea becoming a reality.

After working for over twenty years with children, young people and adults in a range of settings, I have observed this time and again in action.

Misunderstandings, miscommunication and lack of confidence to share one’s thoughts has undoubtedly been the most prominent reason for an individual or group not reaching their potential.

My aim has always been about helping others reach their potential.

More often than not, addressing, teaching and providing an understanding of the  ‘Essential Skills’  has lain at the very heart of what I have done, regardless of age, intelligence or ability of the individuals involved.

So, after years of experiencing this in social care settings, the field of education drew me in. Becoming a qualified teacher and going on to do a MEd in SEND allowed me to gain an insight into how these skills, although expected in the classroom setting, need teaching and nurturing in the way one might teach Literacy, Maths or Spanish. Individuals need to be mentored to reach their potential in these important skills.

But it doesn’t stop there. Children grow into young people who go on to become employees and play an important role in businesses of all types.

Being a school governor and subsequently a Board Member of a brilliant Multi Academy Trust and starting up, running and growing my own organisation has allowed me to understand the importance of these skills at all levels. Strategic thinking is where it starts. Practical application is where the skills are developed.

Businesses too need to continue this training and mentoring. Developing staff to communicate and interact appropriately with clients and colleagues is crucial in improving relationships, productivity and growth.

So, from babies to business, we are all about the Essential Skills.

For education. For the next generation of business.