Amy has enjoyed over 20 years working in a range of social care and education settings. She is a qualified teacher with a MEd SEND, specialising in Autism and Social Communication difficulties.

She is a MAT Member of All Saints Schools Trust (ASST) and as well as running Alpha Inclusion, Amy is the mother of her beautiful daughter, Sophia.

For many years Amy worked as a practitioner, doing hands-on work in residential homes and schools, both in the UK and abroad. Recognising that educational attainment played a vital role in young people reaching their potential, Amy went on to train to become a teacher and later took on the role of SENCo in a mainstream Middle School.

Amy worked as a Consultant Practitioner for a Local Authority, advising schools and training staff on Autism and Asperger’s Syndrome and it was in 2012 that she decided to become independent and she set up Alpha Inclusion.

Amy has written three books as well as a number of articles for SEN magazines and has recently been asked to provide work for SEN publicaions both in the UK and America.

Lego® has featured prominently in Amy’s work and she continues to use it to help build on communication skills of children, young people and professionals.