Caryn joined Alpha Inclusion in June 2016 following 16 years as a Nursery Nurse/Early Years practitioner.  She specialised in working with children with S.E.N, especially children with ASD, Attachment Disorder and those with other communication difficulties, to deliver specific intervention programmes throughout the school.

She became mentor to staff and students, and worked closely with all agencies involved and also with the families of these children.
During her time in education she also enjoyed delivering early listening music sessions and theatrical storytelling.

For three of these years,  she worked as a volunteer befriender to youths with social difficulties including care leavers, mental illness, youth offending, substance addiction and homelessness.

Caryn has three sons, one of whom has ASD and psychotic illness. She learned all of the home-based strategies through experience when supporting her son, making her own resources and finding ways to adapt and apply these to many situations as he grew up. Parents she has supported have also found the strategies to be beneficial.

She is very energetic and enjoys outdoor adventure, travel, the arts and music festivals.